Initial Fit Session (60 Minutes)

Book an initial lesson with me

The initial fit session ($135) offers us a great way to meet for the first time. We will check your range, try some different exercises, find your strengths and your areas for growth, and discuss any questions you have.

Currently, the studio is full for weekly lessons. Drop-In lessons are always available and may be booked after attending the initial fit session. Drop-In lessons ($125) may be booked as often as needed depending on availability.

You can book an initial fit session if you are interested in weekly lessons and would like to meet with me in order to join the waitlist.

If your child is younger than 14, please contact me before booking your initial fit session. It is important to me that you find the best teacher for your child, and younger students may benefit from a different lesson style.

To book your initial fit session, click the link below:

Weekly 60 Minute Private Vocal Lessons

Sign up for consistent weekly 60-minute private voice lessons

*Currently all spots for weekly lessons are full (fall 2023)

If you are interested in maintaining a weekly lesson schedule that is consistent, then weekly private lessons are a great option!

After your initial fit session, we can work together to schedule your weekly private lesson.

Weekly lessons provide consistency and enable steady growth. 

Currently the studio is full for weekly lessons, but drop-in lessons are always available.

Drop-In Private 60-minute Lesson

For focused preparation for auditions, recording sessions, and any pressing issues you might be facing

This option is for current clients who are not looking for steady lessons but are wanting some guidance with a specific project or goal.

Drop in lessons allow you to get the individual attention you want without the commitment of weekly lessons.

This may be ideal if you want to book a few sessions prior to a show or recording project you have approaching. Each session is booked individually and outside hours may be booked upon availability.

If you need a time that is not listed, please email me with requested times.

Band Vocals Starter Subscription

Custom Packages for your band to get ahead of the game by polishing your vocals

You are busy gigging and recording and you need someone to help you with harmonies, blend, style and tightening up your band sound. You also want guidance with keeping your voices in the best shape.

Contact me and let's discuss a custom package designed for your band members needs. Packages include group lesson during a rehearsal as well as private lessons for each member who sings. In addition to the face to face instruction, you also get options for personalized feedback on recordings and videos.

Move to the next level by focusing on your vocals and book a custom built Band Vocals Starter Subscription!

Flameleaf Vocal Academy

An online vocal academy offering self-paced singing courses

My colleague Brian Johnstone and I combined forces to create an online voice lesson academy. You can find self-paced trainings that will help you achieve specific goals as a musician! 

Currently we have a course for music producers who want to improve the performances they are getting from the singers they work with. By training with our low cost course, producers will gain insight into how the voice works and will build empathy towards the singers they work with in the recording studio. 

We also just released Karaoke Goals (for beginners and shower singers)  who want to feel confident singing in front of friends and family!

We offer fun backing tracks in a variety of styles to help motivate your practice sessions and guide you through building your voice!