Here are some of my favorite resources for staying up to date with the music industry and the voice teaching world!                                      "Speakeasy Cooperative is a for-profit community dedicated to embracing, engaging, and expanding the humans who run voice-related businesses, to bring maximum impact and intention to every income stream we touch.”

Songwriting for ME (Songwriting for Music Education) is a fabulous business geared to inspiring creativity and guiding educators to incorporate songwriting into the classroom or studio! I highly recommend them! In addition to their awesome prompts on social media, they have self paced video courses that walk you through the songwriting process, and include fun activities to explore yoru creaitivity! Here is the link to their Bronze Course: CD Baby DIY Musicians Podcast The Full Voice Podcast (for voice teachers/steers towards younger singers but includes helpful info for all teachers) The New Music Business with Ari Herstand (talks about music industry/song licensing/booking gigs etc) Host Ross Golan discusses the industry of songwriting with top artists and writers. This is a great way to learn how the songwriting and publishing industry works while getting some interesting perspectives on writing! 7 Figure Music School (Podcast featuring Creator of Brooklyn Music Factory that explores business elements of running the studio and training your employees/contractors etc)

Helpful accounts to follow for voice teachers, commercial vocalists etc:  Sara Campbell with SavvyMusicStudio gives great advice about marketing and social media for music studio owners! Her courses are fabulous and truly helped me!   Dr Shannon Coates- covers voice science/pedagogical discussion and neurodiversity   Commercial Voice Studio in Nashville that offers tips for singers and developing artists  Professor of Musical Theatre at Shenandoah Conservatory offers science based singing methodologies her Mix and Belt 101 and Vocal Function 101 courses are so valuable!     SLP and singers based in NYC offers helpful advice for singers/teachers and voice users