Maya Piata

Artist, Dallas TX

Susan has equipped me with professional tools such as books, warm-ups, tracks, and tricks to ensure my success in the music industry, she sat right next to me in the studio to guide and support me through some of the trickiest parts of recording my first EP. Her knowledge of the voice, the anatomy behind it, the industry, and it's happenings are all an indication of her love and passion not just for music, but also for the artists that she is helping to mold, build, craft, and polish. 


One of the most outstanding examples of how Susan has truly prepared me for success was most recently when I went to an audition in LA for Adam Blackstone's BBE.  I applied the knowledge and notes that Susan had equipped me with during our sessions and was able to come back to Texas with a full heart and a success story! I have full confidence in Susan as a voice coach and I constantly recommend her to musicians and upcoming artists alike who are either just getting started out or are looking to strengthen their abilities. She's the real deal and can build anyone into the artist they dream of becoming!"

Loners Club

Artist, Dallas TX

"Ms. Susan is a literal gem. Without her I wouldn’t have learned how to use my voice properly. I owe her much for awesome warm ups and support in my music. I’d recommend her to anyone for voice lessons! She’s worth your time!"

Beverly Etta, Loners Club

Candy C Williams

Jazz Singer & Songwriter, Dallas TX

Susan has been the support I need to help me begin my singing life again! She has given me essential practices in helping get my voice back in shape, and even more, she's instrumental in helping us share our talents with the world using the latest technology. She broadens our perceptions by offering professional master class instructors along with her very personalized teaching. Susan is helping us play confidently in this new music arena! Thank you, Susan!

Kendall Pasley

Miss Nashville 2018

"I have loved working with Susan. She has transformed by voice and my technique. She has prepared me for multiple pageants and went out of her way to make sure that I was ready. I look forward to many more lessons and can’t thank her enough for everything!"

Kendall Pasley, Miss Nashville 2018

Rachel Teague

Professional Vocalist, Dallas, TX

"I started taking vocal lessons with Susan my freshman year of college. I really struggled with control and finding placements in my voice at that time. When I began lessons I only knew to either full out belt or go completely falsetto and was completely fried by the first set of any show. Susan trained me to really control my range and notes when singing and also, helped me discover my mid voice which preserved my voice and gave it a more pleasing tone! After just a year of training I noticed a complete difference in my singing abilities. I was able to sing things I couldn't before and actually loved the way I sounded. So thank you Susan! You got me where I am today and I am forever grateful." 

-Rachel Teague, Vocalist, Dallas TX

Sarah Council

Choral Educator, Plano TX

"The Susan Hanlon of the Susan Hanlon Vocal studio has easily distinguished herself as one of the most elite and relevant teachers of voice in the DFW Area. Susan consistently shoots light years above the call of duty and provides innovative performance and competition opportunities, relevant social media content, and meaningful care and concern for all of her students. Students of Ms. Hanlon are frequent winners of NATS competitions and earn spots at All-State. Equally skilled in preparing students in the popular and classical styles, you will be hard pressed to find a more quality vocal educator as she is among the very best."

-Sarah Council