Welcome to Susan Hanlon Vocal Studio

I help singers get serious about their musical goals through encouragement, creativity & exploration in lessons.

Do you dream of getting on that stage and singing your heart out? Do you watch other singers perform and yearn to have that confidence?  

Would you pursue your dreams if you could:

-sing the notes you want to hit?

-feel more comfortable on stage?

-build the power in your voice?

-feel like you had more vocal control?

If you want to explore singing, strengthen your skills and gain confidence to pursue your goals...click below to learn more about what my vocal studio is like.

Lessons are fun and encourage you to step outside of our comfort zone (with baby steps). We make weird sounds together and play with all the different options that our voices can offer us. All the play leads to faster growth and noticeable changes right away!

Let's enable you to feel comfortable enough to get out there and do the thing you have always dreamed of doing!