Whether you are a touring musician, a high school singer learning to develop your voice, or an adult wanting to sing in a choir at church, it is important to have vocal training to keep you healthy and able to handle lengthy practice sessions and performances. By studying specific vocal exercises and applying the techniques to your repertoire, you will gradually find more freedom in your singing and build up a consistency that you can rely on. I firmly believe that it is possible for anyone to improve their vocal abilities and that no two singers are exactly the same. This is why I like to combine concepts from various vocal methods that specifically work for you and meet you where you are now.

If you are interested in signing up for lessons, please contact me via email or the "contact us" tab on this site. My email is susanhanlon@mac.com. Please include some background info as well as what you are looking to work on. Lesson rates available upon request as they vary depending upon level of study and length of lesson. 



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Working with Susan in preparation for both the studio & live performances has been invaluable. She's not only helped with overcoming weaknesses, but also helped me recognize and lean on my natural strengths. I especially appreciate the way she explains things in a way I can easily understand and utilize. I routinely circle back to our lessons for warmups and ideas for maintaining my stamina for long sets. I also love the fact that she's constantly learning and offering new ideas and techniques for me to try. It's clear she has my goals and needs in mind when we meet. She's the best. 


-Kent Bell, Founding Member & Frontman for Breaking Southwest 




I started taking vocal lessons with Susan my freshman year of college. I really struggled with control and finding placements in my voice at that time. When I began lessons I only knew to either full out belt or go completely falsetto and was completely fried by the first set of any show. Susan trained me to really control my range and notes when singing and also, helped me discover my mid voice which preserved my voice and gave it a more pleasing tone ! After just a year of training I noticed a complete difference in my singing abilities. I was able to sing things I couldn't before and actually loved the way I sounded. I then was hired on at the guitar sanctuary in McKinney to become a vocal coach myself and guitar teacher. And till this day I use what she taught me and pass it on to my own students! I also landed a gig with one of the biggest corporate bands in dallas In10city band as a lead singer . I am able to do three shows a week and still have a voice and control and that would have never been possible before I met Susan!! So thank you Susan! You got me where I am today and I am forever grateful. 

-Rachel Teague, Lead Vocalist In10city Band, Musical Director Studio 7 Performance 


"Ms. Susan is a literal gem. Without her I wouldn’t have learned how to use my voice properly. I owe her much for awesome warm ups and support in my music. I’d recommend her to anyone for voice lessons! She’s worth your time” 

Beverly Etta, Loners Club  D Magazine Loners Club


"I have loved working with Susan. She has transformed by voice and my technique. She has prepared me for multiple pageants and went out of her way to make sure that I was ready. I look forward to many more lessons and can’t thank her enough for everything!"

Kendall Pasley, Miss Nashville 2018


Working with Susan on college auditions immensely benefitted me during the audition process. She knew exactly how to prepare me for the auditions; she knows every detail from what to wear to what songs are good audition selections. Susan also has a good amount of connections and would set up mock auditions with other voice instructors in the area for additional feedback. I got into and am attending my top choice school as a vocal performance major and I could not thank Ms. Hanlon enough for her effort and expertise!

-Sarah Bronchetti, Vocal Performance Major- Vanderbilt University Class of 2019

The summer before my daughter's senior year in high school, she decided she wanted to be a voice major in college. After having a UNT voice professor listen to her sing, we learned that she was far behind other students in her level of training. The professor gave us Susan Hanlon’s name and encouraged my daughter to start taking lessons from her. She started lessons that June and the difference in her voice was immediately noticeable. After studying with Susan for only one year, she was accepted into the School of Music at UNT. I have also taken lessons from Susan and have learned some excellent techniques from her. She is an excellent voice teacher, warm and friendly, and very dedicated to her students. We are so very grateful to Susan and glad we were given her name!

-Teresa Korman, Jazz Vocalist for Richardson Community Band