Who am I?

I am someone who wants to cheer you on as you step out of your comfort zone

Mistakes we make when singing, can lead us to discover new exciting things about our voices. Taking risks in rehearsals will allow us to find new ways to deliver a phrase.

I understand your hesitation to try new skills and new exercises that may make you feel awkward or silly (I was so worried about sounding "bad" that I avoided practicing for years). 

Here is the cool thing though...if you let yourself make new sounds and experiment with what your voice can do, you will notice you gradually feel comfortable with how your voice responds in new situations!

You will embrace making the song "your own version" of a cover song. 

You won't worry as often about how to handle making a mistake on stage, because you will trust yourself to listen and respond just as you have in lessons.

Learning to use your ears to guide you, feeling the pulse of each song in your body, gaining an awareness of how your voice feels when you sing will enable you to become the musician you dream of being!

We can work together and target any technical issues you may be experiencing that are getting in the way of allowing you to sing like you want to. We can build your vocal skills and challenge you to grow as a musician and performer!

Come unlock the mystery of confident singing with me and get a teacher who is a little Sherlock Holmes and a lot of Cheerleader!!