When is my child ready for private voice lessons?

I am frequently asked “when is it a good time to start voice lessons?” Some people think they are too young or too old or not experienced enough or maybe too experienced to need help.

I think the answer depends on what your goals are as a singer. There is no magic age requirement: some 7 year olds are totally ready for private lessons and some 74 year olds will truly benefit from private lessons. (It is never too late to learn new skills!)

Most of the time I recommend voice lessons, specifically private voice lessons, for singers who have aspirational goals for performing. There are benefits for beginning singers to get quality one-on-one instruction from the start, but typically I recommend lessons to those singers who have been singing on their own but running into problem spots and areas of frustration in their singing.

Private voice lessons will give you specific things to focus on that apply to your individual needs and will guide you to learn how to make different sounds, shifts in volume and strength and add loads of tools that you can apply to your own singing! Private lessons can polish your performance skills and teach you how your voice works.

Because singing privately with a teacher requires you to sing solo, beginning singers can sometimes feel overwhelmed in private lessons. This is where I think online classes or small group classes can be the perfect way to start!

If you have always dreamt of singing but have been afraid to sing in front of others, courses can introduce you to basic concepts and new ways of making sounds. Being able to make these sounds in the privacy of your own home, car, dorm room, etc. might be the best way for you to start!

After you notice the things that are easier or more difficult for you, you should seek out a private instructor who can help guide you with more specific instruction!

If you are interested in seeking out private lessons, make sure you check out my blog post on how to find the right voice teacher for your needs.

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